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Google Chromecast

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Google Chromecast lar deg streame innhold til tv'en direkte fra internett. Ulikt andre lignende tjenester streames ikke innholdet via en enhet som man styrer avspillingen med, men hentes direkte fra Chromecast. Støtter Android, iOS, Windows og OS X. Lansert i 2013. Lukk
Google Chromecast lar deg streame innhold til tv'en direkte fra internett. Ulikt andre lignende tjenester streames ikke innholdet via en enhet som man styrer avspillingen med, men... Les mer
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Eksterne omtaler for Google Chromecast
  • Google Chromecast i Norge

    Enkelt oppsett, enkel i bruk, flink på YouTube og Netflix, tidvis flink på fanespelling, lav pris, støtte for Android, iOS, Windows og Mac.

    Fanespeiling ikke alltid en suksess, støtter fortsatt få tjenester, dårlig støtte for lokalt innhold.

    6 år siden
  • Slik er Google Chromecast

    Flink på Youtube og Netflix, tidvis flink på fanespeiling, enkelt oppsett, enkel i bruk.

    Støtter få tjenester, foreløpig langt fra amerikansk pris, fanespeiling ikke alltid en suksess, ingen støtte for lokalt innhold.

    7 år siden
  • Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

    Streams full-screen videos from Netflix and YouTube
    Mirrors Websites
    Control videos from computer or mobile device
    Must go to Chromecast Website to learn when new apps become compatible
    No central control panel or app
    Clumsy to pause video streaming from a phone when a call comes in

    Performance: 9
    Features: 9
    Ergonomics: 9
    Value: 10

    6 år siden
  • Google Chromecast


    • Google's Chromecast is cheap and streams iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and Google content to your TV using phones, tablets or computers as remotes. It's easy to setup and use, and the video quality is great.


    • Not enough services are supported yet and screen-mirroring sucks for video. The lack of a dedicated remote also means you always need a smartphone or tablet nearby, plus for £20 less, you can get a re-badged Roku box from Now TV that includes iPlayer.

    Technically, the Chromecast is a wonder to behold. If all you want is a cheap way to get iPlayer and Netflix, it's a good choice, but it needs more content before it becomes a must-buy for most.

    6 år siden
  • Performance: 5/5
    Value: 5/5

    The Google Chromecast isn't the perfect fit for everyone. Those who just want a simple, one-box source to watch Netflix and other Web-based content on their TV will be happier with a Roku or Apple TV. However, if you're a smartphone, tablet, or laptop owner who's looking for an easy, inexpensive way to get your favorite Web-based content off the small screen and into your home theater environment, the Google Chromecast is definitely a must-see. It's an awesome little device that works exactly as advertised and has plenty of room to grow. Yes, the number of officially supported services is low right now, but I expect to see the list grow quickly ... and if it doesn't, well, you still only spent $35 to get Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play, and Web browsing on your big screen.

    7 år siden
  • Ingen omtale
    Google Chromecast review

    Functional and simple
    Chrome tab mirroring useful
    Full picture quality when cloud streaming
    Android & iOS support
    Great prospects in Chromecast

    Only Netflix, YouTube & Google Play Movies app support
    Mirroring requires powerful PC/Mac but tops at 720p
    Local media streaming not optimal yet, stutter & audio sync issues
    No device-to-device streaming

    Target group
    Living room
    On the road

  • Ingen omtale
    7 år siden