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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III er oppfølgeren til det populære fullformat- kameraet EOS 5D Mk II. Noe høyere oppløsning enn tidligere (22,3 Mp), men betydelig bedre ISO tall (lysfølsomhet). Kameraet har 61 autofokuspunkter, spiller inn video i full-HD og er laget for å ta opp kampen med Nikon D800. Lansert i 2012. Lukk
Canon EOS 5D Mark III er oppfølgeren til det populære fullformat- kameraet EOS 5D Mk II. Noe høyere oppløsning enn tidligere (22,3 Mp), men betydelig bedre ISO tall (lysfølsomhe... Les mer
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  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III review


    • Excellent HDR mode
    • Detailed raw and JPG files
    • High quality images
    • Low noise


    • Complicated AF system
    • A bit pricey

    While the key specification changes since the 5D Mark II largely just bring the Canon EOS 5D Mark III into line with Canon's existing DSLRs, we're impressed with the results from the new camera.Raw and JPEG images have plenty of detail, noise is well controlled at the higher native sensitivity settings and colour and exposure are generally very good.Canon has also clearly put in a lot of thought about how enthusiasts use a camera, and the new HDR system is the best on the market.Images are generally well exposed, thanks to the iFCL metering, and the white balance and Picture Styles deliver the colour and tones we expect from a top-end Canon camera.Provided you keep the camera reasonably still, the Canon EOS 5D Mk III's HDR mode does a great job of aligning and merging images, plus you have the fallback of all the raw and JPEG files if you want.Existing Canon EOS 5D Mark II users will find the AF system more complex than they're used to. While this is an improvement, the various AF-point selection mode options and characteristic adjustments can be a little confusing.It suffers a little from the fact that the majority of the systems have been seen elsewhere in the Canon DSLR lineup, and therefore there is nothing really groundbreaking.Image quality throughout the native sensitivity range is excellent, noise is well controlled and there's plenty of detail. The AF system has been given a serious upgrade on what the Canon EOS 5D Mark II version has, and it puts in an excellent performance.CompetitionCanon EOS 5D Mark IVThe update to the 5D Mark III offers a number of improvements, including more pixels and 4K video recording, but it comes at a cost - the Mark IV costs quite a bit more, so ask yourself if you need those additional features.

    3 år siden
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III review

    A photographic tour-de-force – if you can justify the cost it'll be hard to resist

    8 år siden
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III

    Design: 9/10
    Features: 10/10
    Ease-of-use: 9/10
    Image quality: 10/10
    Value for money: 8/10

    The Canon EOS 5D Mark III builds on the success of its popular predecessor with a series of improvements that add up to a much better all-round camera for stills and video alike. The 61-point auto-focus system in particular is very welcome, along with the excellent performance at higher ISOs, faster continuous shooting and a much more refined movie making interface. Only a sharp increase in price prevents us from recommending this new model quite as enthusiastically as we did the 5D Mark II.

    8 år siden
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark III

    •Good resolution and detail in raw files
    •Good color and tonality across the ISO range
    •Reliable metering even in difficult contrast situations
    •Very responsive and snappy operation, thanks to new Digic 5+ processor
    •6 frames per second continuous shooting with good buffering
    •Excellent build-quality with magnesium shell and weather-sealing
    •Intuitive user interface and good ergonomics with large number of external controls
    •Very comprehensive user interface customization options
    •Excellent viewfinder with 100% coverage
    •Good high resolution LCD monitor
    •Reliable and quick AF system with comprehensive customization options
    •Efficient vignetting, distortion and CA correction
    •Full manual control in video mode
    •Choice between IPB and ALL-I video compression modes
    •Headphone socket
    •Rear-dial becomes touch-sensitive when recording video
    •In-camera HDR mode with many options
    •Multi-exposure mode
    •Comprehensive Auto ISO customization options
    •Efficient silent-shutter option, single shot or continuous drive mode
    •Dual SD and CF card slots
    •Side-by-side playback mode and rating allow for initial image selection on the go
    •Good battery life
    •Good bundled raw converter with comprehensive feature set (Digital Photo Pro)

    •Destructive noise reduction results in mushy JPEGs, even at base ISO
    •Visible sharpening artifacts at default settings
    •Heavy-handed noise reduction leads to lack of low-contrast detail at higher ISOs
    •Distortion correction not available 'on the fly'
    •Built-in microphone only monaural
    •Soft video output with less dynamic range than stills
    •No built-in AF illuminator

    8 år siden