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Canon EOS 1D X

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  • Canon 1DX review


    • Full-frame sensor
    • Superb AF
    • Great exposure system
    • Excellent noise control


    • No exposure compensation button on vertical grip
    • Heavy
    • No rating button
    • No in-camera HDR

    A price tag of £5,299/$6,799 brings certain expectations, and the Canon EOS-1DX's build lives up to them. This is a camera that you can expect to survive several years of heavy use. Thanks to the control layout and deep comfortable grips it is also one that you can enjoy using.The Canon EOS-1DX's noise control and autofocus performance particularly impress, and these are key areas for professional photojournalists who need a camera that they can rely on to get decent image, whatever the conditions.With an f/2.8 lens, the Canon EOS-1DX can focus in very low light, and even at high sensitivities it delivers images that are clean enough to turn into full-page prints.

    8 år siden